Web Design

A substantial number of companies use the Internet to maintain contact with their supply chain for product information, pricing and order placement - yet fail to make the same benefits and cost savings available to their own customers. A well designed website can be the ideal medium for: -

Distributing pricing and product information to customers

Increasing the awareness of your companies products and services

Automated sales processes that can substantially reduce the cost of sales

Generating "repeat-order" sales and gaining new customers

Just having a website however is not enough - it must also reflect the "look and feel" of your business and at the same time be sufficiently different so as to compel your customers too want to do business with you.

One way or another your website should not just be an advertisement - it must also be a commercial solution and that's where OzISP can help you.

OzISP have a team of professional website designers, programmers and business managers whose sole purpose is to design and implement high-quality websites. If you are considering using a website to grow your business and would like an obligation free review of your e-commerce needs then:

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