OZISP Backup Policy

Important Note: OzISP Pty Limited and its distribution affiliates (“OzISP”) may revise this Backup Policy from time to time by posting a new version of this document on the OzISP website:www.ozisp.com.au . Any new version will be effective on the date nominated in the posting but not before thirty (30) days have expired from the date of the posting unless OzISP considers (in its sole discretion) that a period shorter than thirty (30) days is necessary or appropriate to protect the integrity or security of the OzISP service or network. Accordingly, users of this OzISP service should consult this document regularly to ensure that their activities conform to the most recent version. In the event of a conflict between the term(s) of any Customer Terms and this Backup Policy, the term(s) of the Backup Policy will govern. Questions regarding this Backup Policy and complaints of violations of the Backup Policy by other OzISP users can be directed to Customer Support at support@ozisp.com.au.


All saves are performed using Veeam Backup Software. All backup images are stored on multiple servers including an offsite location, to ensure the utmost protection of data.

  1. OzIsp Email / Hosted Websites
    1. Daily ‘incremental’ saves are performed on all operating systems hosting services, websites and email accounts. Backup images are then copied to a backup archive.
    1.2. OzIsp retain the previous 7 days saves on archive servers at all times.
    1.3. Where applicable customers are able to ‘draw down’ backups using cPanel, noting that this would be included within their monthly bandwidth data usage.
    1.4. OzIsp retains a rotation of two (2) full system saves for all services at all times.


  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    1. Daily ‘incremental’ saves are performed on all VPS services and stored on archive servers.
    2.2. OzIsp will provide customers with disk capacity to enable backing up their sensitive data to the backup archive as detailed in their Service Level Agreement.
    2.3. Customers may be able to ‘draw down’ backup archives where agreed within the Service Level Agreement, noting that this would be included within the monthly bandwidth usage.
    2.4. Customers can utilise their own backup software/service as required.
    2.5. Other backup options are available and detailed in the customer Service Level Agreement.
    2.6. OzIsp retains a rotation of two (2) full system saves for all services at all times.