Company Profile

Oz ISP is a nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a regional focus. We offer a full range of Internet services including website design, website hosting, database provision & access, e-commerce solutions and networking services including Corporate Virtual Private Networks, Intranets and Extranets.

With the Internet having the ability to impact dramatically on how people communicate with each other Oz ISP has developed and implemented a range of Internet Services and Plans that have been designed to enhance, strengthen and grow the relationships that we have with our Customers - both now and well into the future.

Central to this development has been Oz ISP's corporate vision, which is "to provide all Australians with the quality, reliability and affordability of Internet service that metropolitan customers expect from their ISPs" and our commitment to this philosophy has been directly attributable to our growth.

Just as Oz ISP's growth has been dependent on the successful implementation of our Internet Services and the strength of our Customer Support and Services, so also has Oz ISP's growth been dependent on its ability to understand and recognise our customer's needs - and deliver a range of services that meet their requirements.

In developing our Internet Plans, Oz ISP's team of dedicated industry professionals have paid particular attention to our customer's requirements and that together with superior network performance has allowed a large and growing number of Customers to rely on Oz ISP for their Internet services.

Since beginning OzISP over 10 years ago, we have expanded our offerings from simple Dial-Up to ADSL broadband, to the extensive range of products we now offer, including ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ and 3G Wireless Broadband. We intend to offer any future services that may appear, such as FTTP and 4G Wireless.

If you would like more information about our company please send your email to or to speak to any of our staff, please call our Freecall number: 1300 654 653