Oz ISP Network

Oz ISP is one of the very few ISPs that can deliver "state of the art" Internet services nationally - with a range and quality of Internet services afforded to city customers for the cost of a local call - and prices to match.

Using the latest Cisco technology, and the services of one of Australia's largest IP networks, Oz ISP is able to offer superior network performance with local call access to around 98% of Australian homes and businesses - with complete coverage to virtually every call zone in Australia at very affordable rates.

Reliability, quality of service, and fast, secure access are key features of Oz ISP service delivery; services that are backed by a team of dedicated industry professionals.

The integrity of Oz ISP's network and service delivery is further enhanced with our backup systems that include a 24-hour "firewalled" server capacity and backup power in a bunkered site - thus maximising uptime with redundancy measures that will ensure that our network is functional when you need it.